A series of events directly addressed to researchers, designers from companies and students (Master and PhD) who want to improve their knowledge in the microelectronics field is organized. Each event consists of long talks/lectures (of three hours each, a sufficient time to give both an overview and advanced details about the topic) given by academic professors and qualified experts coming from companies or research centers. In this way, the academic and industrial approaches for research and state-of-the art progress will be presented. Different topics will be addressed in each course. This is intentionally done in order to give a wide-spectrum for the audience about the present challenges in the microelectronics world. The ToM-IE courses will be organized with the UKRI Chapter of IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society and will be held at the Tyndall National Institute (Lee Maltings, Dyke Parade, Cork, Ireland) with the following programs.

Organizing Committee
Scientific Directors: Prof. Michael Peter Kennedy, Prof. Andrea Baschirotto
Secretariat: Dr. Alessandro Cabrini

The program of the first two courses and the instructions to reach ToM site can be dowloaded here: